We had pretty strict limits on our television viewing as kids, so when I discovered Mork and Mindy reruns, I had to sneak into the basement and watch them with the volume turned down very low to avoid detection. The only problem was that I couldn’t resist laughing at the hilarity, which frequently blew my cover.

Robin Williams’ antics opened me up to my love of weirdness and crazy humor. He was incandescent and irrepressible. Who can come up with the right words?

One might question what it means for the world to mourn the death of a single man so much — and when so many are dying around the world. But, each life is a precious light and we cannot help but mourn the loss of a light that has warmed us. And of course, Robin Williams was a man who brought much joy and laughter to many. And the sadness was likely part of what made his comic genius so sweet.

When you love someone with depression, this is what you fear the most: that a moment will come when the distorted lens through which that dear one sees will become too much. Depression is a wretched disease that steals far too many lives.

In celebration of the light, in celebration of the brave battles being fought daily by all of those with mental illness, we can laugh and admire his brilliance again and again.

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The Voices of Our Children

This video debuted at the special pediatric section of our International AIDS Society meeting. I loved it because these voices of children growing up with HIV all around the world sound just like the voices of my youth in Kenya. The same challenges and difficulties. The same hopes and dreams. The film captures them so well. These are the same words they share with me in our clinics in Kenya.

I also chair the pediatric group for the largest international consortium of HIV care programs (IeDEA), and the professionals working with HIV-infected children and adolescents from all regions of the world agreed: Listen to the voices of our children. They are beautiful.

I cannot wait to show this our youth in Kenya.

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Postcards: Koalas in the Wild



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Postcards: Great Ocean Road, southern coast of Australia










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Postcards: Melbourne








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